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Believe it or not, divorces can be and often are, uncontested procedural matters finished in sixty (60) days or so with little action required by either party, other than supplying the information required to file the case with the court.  We pride ourselves on making every attempt to help you understand how your divorce can remain uncontested in order that large legal fees and years of court appearances might be avoided.

We will assist in each aspect of the divorce case including determining the correct child support amount to be paid, visitation rights of parents, division of debts and assets, including real property, as well as many other issues that can arise during a divorce.

Because divorce can be a very difficult time, we make every effort to keep the lines of communication open so that any questions or concerns you have might be promptly answered.

Sometimes, however, the other side in the divorce either refuses or is unable to see "eye-to-eye" with you, and issues arise that are contested. We believe that it is in the best interest of you and your family for you to make your own decisions concerning family matters, without a judge or jury dictating what will happen.  As such, we strive to bring the parties together through various efforts, such as mediation, before subjecting the case to trial.  The great news is that these efforts are almost always successful, allowing you to avoid the time, costs, and headache of going through a trial.

Sure, there is more money to be made for lawyers if a case goes "all the way" - but at what cost?   Keeping you from moving on with your life?  We can't agree with that route at the Hawks Law Firm.   We will guide you through your divorce in the most expeditious manner while protecting and preserving the rights of you and your family.

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