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Who We Are

Rick Hawks


Having a license to practice in Texas and Colorado has offered a wide and varied amount of experience for the past 39 years.  My areas of emphasis are personal injury, probate and estate planning, credit counseling, and bankruptcy.  I enjoy the independence that a small firm environment provides.  With a supportive wife, 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 7 dogs, my life is busy outside of the practice.  I am a board member of Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary located in Mountain View, Hawaii.  My hobbies include hiking, travel, and dog behavior.  I see a great need for the return of the attorney as "counselor" to the client.  Integrity and communication is the foundation on which the attorney-client relationship rests.

Jason Hawks

My goal in each case or matter I handle for my clients is to provide exactly what I would want from an attorney, that is, open communication, easy access to the attorney, updates at any time I want, and above all, sound, quality work.  I am a native of Montgomery  County, born in Conroe, Texas.  I graduated from Klein Oak High School, and then went on to Baylor University for undergrad and grad school work, followed by graduating from what is now known as Texas A&M University School of Law.  With my firm having been around since the 80's, if we can't handle your case, we know those in the area who are competent and have the experience to handle your unique case.  We want you to come away satisfied having had a positive experience.  I find that keeping the lines of communication open, always being just a call or e-mail away, help the client to remain an integral part of their case.  We never want you to wonder what is going on with your case and will strive to complete your matter with efficiency and professionalism.

Laura Hawks
I am Jason's wife and a new face to the firm.  I began working here after Rick and Jason's mom, Joe Ellen, passed away.  Joe Ellen warmly greeted and assisted all who came through the door for over 35 years.  I strive to follow her example and make our clients feel "at home".  Jason and I have four sons who are our joy.  You may see them on occasion helping with something at the office, as we are family-owned and operated.


I am an eight-year-old silver Labrador retriever and have been with Jason since I was a pup.  My duties at the office include welcoming clients and transferring files.  I enjoy meeting all who come here, but if you aren't a dog-lover, I will gladly remain out of sight.  When I'm not at the office, I enjoy long walks, playing with toys, and eating treats.  Please pet me when you are here.

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