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Power of Attorney

Please - whether it's with us or another firm - get a will drawn up for yourself.  Time and again we have people come to us who have had a family member or loved one pass away without a will.  Unfortunately, what would have been a very simple and relatively inexpensive probate proceeding had there been a will, is complicated by the fact that no will exists. The State of Texas then has its laws determine who gets what, so to speak.

Also avoid website offers for one-size-fits-all wills.  We've seen many wills prepared by these services, or fill-in-the-blank forms provided, only to discover that certain language, required by Texas law to have a streamlined and quick and easy probate process, is missing.  This results in witnesses having to be hauled in to court and sometimes the posting of a bond.  Spend a few extra dollars and have your will drafted by an attorney trained to ensure your estate issues are handled smoothly.

Most wills drafted by attorneys are simple and inexpensive and can be prepared and signed in just a few days.  If needs exist, we can assist in the formation of trusts to help handle the distribution of your assets upon passing away.

If you want to make sure that good ole Aunt Carol gets the china and Uncle Will gets the heirloom shotgun, so be it!  Specific bequests to certain individuals are never a problem.  In fact, we'll customize your will in several ways, including clauses on funeral arrangements as well as no-contest provisions.

We also offer rapid response on documents such as a Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, a Medical Power of Attorney, and a Medical Directive to Physicians (sometimes called a living will) to complete an estate document package for you.  We will customize these documents to meet your specific needs. 

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